Wheelie Days Disclaimer

Participation in Wheelie Days activities and courses involves inherent risks. By participating, you acknowledge and agree to the following terms:
• Risk of Injury: Motorcycle riding, particularly wheelie maneuvers, carries a high risk of serious injury or death. You participate at your own risk and assume full responsibility for any injuries or damages you may sustain.
• Participant Responsibility: You agree to be in good physical health and free from any conditions that may impair your ability to safely operate a motorcycle. You are responsible for following all safety instructions provided by Wheelie Days instructors and staff.
• Release of Liability: You agree to release and hold harmless Wheelie Days, its instructors, employees, agents, and affiliates from any and all claims, demands, or liabilities arising from your participation in Wheelie Days activities or courses.
• Insurance: A valid motorcycle license and appropriate motorcycle insurance are mandatory to participate.
• Equipment: You agree to wear safety gear properly throughout the course. Wheelie Days reserves the right to refuse participation to anyone who does not comply with safety regulations.
• Course Content: The content and instruction provided in Wheelie Days courses are for educational purposes only and should not be interpreted as a guarantee of success or mastery of wheelie techniques.
• Media Release: You grant Wheelie Days permission to use photographs and videos captured during your course for promotional purposes, unless you explicitly opt-out beforehand.
By participating in a Wheelie Days course, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to the terms outlined in this disclaimer.
AUTOMATED CONTENT TO SEND TO RIDERS.. to be sent as two attachments/links to an email sent to customers One week before attendance.